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I am the third generation in my family to be part of the vitamin industry as formulators, manufacturers and marketers. Over the years, the most common question I had been asked is “What vitamins do you take?” and my answer had always been the same…“None. I can’t swallow pills.” I had to admit to everyone that I couldn’t benefit from the vitamin that I not only spent years promoting, but that I also passionately believed in.  While I wasn’t experiencing any of the benefits that so many studies report or that I had personally witnessed, I was also very aware that vitamins can’t help if you can’t take them.

When I discovered that over 40% of Americans have difficulty swallowing pills*, I was motivated to create a new product, made for those of us who want to take vitamins, but couldn’t because of the limited options available to us.

That is why I launched Rich Vitamins and created the alternaVites brand.

In 2010, we introduced alternaVites, a comprehensive multivitamin & mineral in crystal powder form that melts quickly in your mouth – the first of its kind. alternaVites quickly became the definitive "non pill" vitamin option and filled an unnecessary void in the market. With its success, it became clear to us that alternaVites is a product that’s great for everybody, not just those of us who have difficulty swallowing pills. Its convenience, delicious taste, portability, and high potency formula gave it much broader appeal.

While a children’s product was always part of the plan, we were overwhelmed with requests to develop an alternaVites formula that would be suitable for kids. Understandably, parents were equally as unhappy with the choices available for their children as they were for themselves. They were disappointed in products with high sugar content, incomplete formulas, and artificial ingredients. We listened to these concerns and developed alternaVites Kids – a children’s multivitamin & mineral that has awesome kid-approved flavors while maintaining the integrity, quality and versatility associated with the original alternaVites formula.

With alternaVites and alternaVites Kids, there are no more excuses for children and adults not to take their vitamins.

We all know however, that living a healthier life extends beyond what we do for ourselves to what we do for others and our planet. I invite you to read our philosophy, commitment and promise to learn more about the Company and our initiatives on a larger scale. We are proud, not only of our products, but of the actions we take each and every day to give back and be eco-friendly.

We hope that in some way, we have made it easier for you and your children to take vitamins and make similar steps to live a healthier life.

In good health,

Hallie Rich

Hallie Rich
Founder, Rich Vitamins

(*) Swallowing difficulties cause for concern. 2004. USA Today
(Society for the Advancement of Education), Oct, 2004

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